Your brain is unique, so before you embark on any training, it is best to have a MAP of your brain. This MAP provides valuable information about how your brain functions.

The MAP assessment takes between one and a half to two hours, during which we will see your brain at rest and performing tasks.

You will also receive a FREE 10min de-stress and have an opportunity to experience the power of Neuro-Feedback in real time.


You will receive an instant synopsis of your MAP and have an opportunity to ask questions.


In addition you will receive a formalised report based on your MAP assessment which will be e-mailed to you including a grading scale and recommendation for your choice of training.

Solution | Training

It takes a period of time to achieve each goal. Based on your MAP and your specific goals, a training plan and time schedule is tailor made for you. The minimum training time is the STANDARD which is 12 hours. Most clients find this sufficient and it is possible to achieve maximum benefit from this.

Q & A

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