Do you feel like there is treacle in the gears of your mind?

Do you feel low, depressed or simply not feeling as up as you used to?

These symptoms seem to creep in over-time and are generally managed until they reach a tipping point.

The usual tactics fail to keep this at bay and before you know it, everyday seems to require more energy to cope with the day to day stress of what has become everyday life. Within a short space of time what was once easy to do has become difficult to manage.

You are not alone, this has become a new normal. Now you can change this.

Welcome to Brain Trainer, where we reset your current stressed out normal back to being relaxed, feeling energised and enthusiastic and stress free.

Brain Trainer is a process of assessing each unique brain, finding out how your brain patterning looks when busy and at rest and then optimising its performance through training.

Physical stress

Physical stress directly impacts our physical state. It can be self-induced or caused by others.

Biological stress

Biological stress can be caused by living organisms that affect brain balance.

Emotional stress

Emotional stress impacts brain balance. It can affect cognition, emotional stability, and many other areas of functioning. Children, people with mental illness, and those that have experienced trauma (including brain injury) are more susceptible to emotional brain stress.